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emmi®-skin Sport - bioMYO Set - English

emmi®-skin Sport - bioMYO Set - English

102,79 EUR *

emmi®-skin SPORT - bioMYO Set
250 QP
100 % Ultrasound for muscular tension and sport injuries

The revolutionary ultrasound home treatment!

The new emmi®-skin SPORT which was developed by German engineers, according to the latest scientific knowledge, is now available for you! Rely on the proven and modern ultrasound technology by EMAG AG with a deep effect!

Treat yourself at home with the uncomplicated application of the new emmi®-skin SPORT in combination with our emmi® -bioMYO gel for a deep massage in case of muscular tension or injuries of muscles and tendons.

Enjoy the intensity of life and enjoy painless sport with the support of our emmi®-skin SPORT.

emmi®-skin SPORT - 100% Ultrasound for muscular tension and sport injuries

* Az árak nem tartalmazzák a Szállítási költség-et és az esetleges vámot

emmi®-skin SPORT - bioMYO Set
250 QP
100 % Ultrasound for muscular tension and sport injuries

This article ships with an English box (slipcase), English user manual and UK power adapter!

In order to avoid bruises, strains, inflammation or sprains, you should pay attention to basic rules such as proper warming-up, proper technique or equipment. However, if there are still unexpected accidents, EMAG AG has developed the emmi®-skin SPORT.

The ultrasound treatment with the emmi®-skin SPORT is an uncomplicated application for at home, which is used as a deep massage for muscular tension or injuries of muscles and tendons. Ultrasonic treatment in combination with a transmission medium stimulates blood circulation, which loosens the tense or injured muscles. It can be used with heat and cold.

The ultrasound treatment has a relaxing and an anti-inflammatory effect at the same time. The ultrasound allows the ingredients of ultrasonically optimised products to penetrate deep into the lowest skin layers, thus ensuring a clear muscle and tendon relaxation.

emmi® -bioMYO is a gel for muscle and joint pain, acts as a heat therapy for joint and muscular problems. Furthermore, our ultrasonically optimized creams and the thermal foam have been tested dermatologically and awarded with the rating very good!

What can I expect from the combination of emmi®-skin SPORT and emmi®-bioMYO gel?
  • Reduces the pain sensation
  • Decreases muscle tension
  • Chronic inflammation can be healed
  • Joint stiffness can be reduced
  • Soothes muscles
  • Improves mobility
  • Improves blood circulation
emmi®-skin SPORT and emmi®-bioMYO Gel improves your life!

*The usage of emmi®-skin SPORT does not replace the diagnosis or treatment prescribed by a doctor other a medical praxis.
Content emmi®-skin Sport - bioMYO Set - English
  • 1 emmi®-skin Sport Hand-Piece
  • 1 emmi®-skin Ultrasonic Attachment (Diameter 4,5cm)
  • 1 emmi® 100-240 Charging Station
  • 1 UK power adapter
  • 1 emmi®-bioMYO - 150ml
  • AQUA